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Hidan no Aria AA

The OP by nano is really good in Hidan no Aria AA! I actually wanted them to continue the main series but they decided to make a spin-off instead, wtf?

I have watched a couple of episodes of Hidan no Aria AA and my impression of the show is that it’s trying to appeal to an audience that likes the Railgun series as well? And it is not doing a great job so far as it’s pretty mediocre and boring.

Yes I know the main series isn’t that great either but it has the sort of shitty but yet watchable quality like Guilty Crown. This season is full of harems and plenty of great shows only air on the weekends and thus there’s not much anime to watch during the weekdays this season. Fuck.


Pros and Cons for Unity Mobile Development

After releasing my first mobile game Detective Cat  built on Unity for iOS and Android, I have learnt a lot of the pros and cons of developing using the free edition of Unity. Here are as follows.

Unity is still a great platform to work with to develop mobile games especially as the development team is paying more attention towards mobile nowadays. They are introducing more features in the next version such a Tile Map Editor.


  • It’s amazing easy to start developing games using the existing engine provided by Unity, most of the common issues that you will be facing when developing using a new framework can easily be found on Stackoverflow or at AskUnity.
  • You don’t have to rewrite your game code twice but you would have to tweak your settings for each platform so that the game will be optimal.
  • It’s easy to get started with Unity as your first engine, How to Videos are available everywhere.


  • Native frameworks such as IAPs, Social Sharing are difficult to integrate into Unity projects. You will most likely spend a bit of time integrating those frameworks. I purchased plugins on the Unity Asset Store and still spent quite a significant amount of time integrating them.
  • File size of Unity Games are very large => about 20MB onwards.

AniKawaii Beta is now live

As I mentioned before, I am still learning the Rails framework which will be the main framework that I will be working with in the future for web development. I managed to set up my first rails app in a vps hosted by Digitalocean which was a painful but fun process.


Anikawaii is a website which aggregates anime gifs in reddit to one place so as to make browsing gifs quicker. One great thing about the website is that the gifs are in html5 video format which makes browsing gifs very quick.

I managed to put up a beta version of which you can find over here.