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Da Capo Series Thoughts – Part 1 (Sakura is best girl)

I have recently picked up Da Capo as an anime for me to marathon through besides the currently winter airing anime. I am watching it in this order  Da Capo lll -> Da Capo – > Da Capo ll.

So far I have finished watching season 3 and am halfway through season 1.

Da Capo lll first Impressions

da capo lll poster

I went in thinking of it as a slice of life harem anime and it was true and if I were to rate it, it would be like a 6/10. Nothing interesting actually happens until late in the series where the MC,Sakura and Rikka’s background were fleshed out that saved the day. It’s also full of unnecessary and lame fan service.


Most of the female casts were pretty generic aside from Sakura and Rikka. I haven’t played the visual novel version of Da Capo lll but when the attention shifts to the other female casts aside from Sakura and Rikka, it was really dull and mundane since their character wasn’t fleshed out at all and were pretty much used for cliches in the show. They were pretty much made to fill up the harem circle.

The art and character designs were alot better than it’s predecessors since it was made in 2013 . When I watched Da Capo l, the 480p reminded me of the youtube days when it was just starting out.


Finally a “Real” Gundam series: Iron-Blooded Orphans

For the past few years after Gundam 00 was released, Sunrise kept pushing out casual titles such as Gundam Age and Gundam Build Fighters to get new viewers into the Gundam franchise which is a good move but those shows are really dull and boring as opposed to how the traditional Gundam show.

Sure some of those shows might be cringe-worthy but they are still entertaining as hell as compared to the ones I mentioned above. I dropped those a few episodes in since they just weren’t entertaining enough.

Iron-Blood Orphans

You get the classic way to start a Gundam series by getting owned by the enemy and then slowly overpowering them. Iron-blooded Orphans is refreshing at the very least and whether it delivers or not will come to tell in the next few episodes. Winter season is coming to an end.. Yay

Visualnoveler – Track and Discover Visual Novels

So a few months ago I made a post stating my intention to start a new website about visual novels in this post here and here. After about a month and a half of hard work developing the website, I have managed to get a pre-alpha version of the website online for me to test out the features.

Visualnoveler is a website for people to track and discover Visual Novels. You should think of the website as a complement to existing websites such as VNDB which provides plenty of raw information for people to learn more about visual novels but the styling of the website feels dated as of now.

Why did I made Visualnoveler?

Since I have played a few visual novels myself,one of the most notable one was Little Busters and Clannad which was great but I had to search around google to get what I want to know about the game since I’m very picky about committing myself to complete a game. Moreover, after completing my recent web-dev project Anikawaii, I needed to create something that is more complex than that to challenge myself for fun.

A combination of those two led to an idea of a website for visual novels since there’s not a lot of resources available for these on the internet.

Visualnoveler development

As I mentioned previously in my post, it is created using the Rails framework. Since there are many models required to set the webpage up, I had a chance to start using gems that I didn’t use before! Initially I was using local storage for files but I switched to Amazon S3 in the end since it’ll put less strains on the server since server costs can get expensive you know. I also got to know more about handling servers on Digitalocean as well throughout the process.

Planned Roadmap

There’s alot of functionality that I’m looking to build for Visualnoveler in the future but I want to make sure that the website is nice and clean and friendly to visitors. That’s the whole point of the website to begin with. Indie visual novels seems to be getting really popular recently on Steam and I think it’s quite possible in the future that I will include indie visual novels as another subcategory.