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Fabric is Awesome!

I was looking through my iOS app analytics one day and I noticed that there was a staggering amount of crash reports for Awwnime. The bad thing was that somehow my crash symbols weren’t compiled before sending it to the App Store. So when I hopped over to Xcode, the method names were obscure and I couldn’t do any real debugging!

Most of the users who sent the crash reports didn’t provide any steps to replicate the crash and I wasn’t able to replicate that crash issue unfortunately. That’s when I found out about which is a framework for you to add into your app which includes stuff like analytics, crash reports and other juicy stuffs.

At first I was like fuck, it’s probably going to take time to integrate the framework properly in the app such as reading the full docs to understand how to integrate those functions properly. However, it turns out I was wrong! Their on boarding process for Mac is one of the best I have seen thus far.

Their on boarding process guides you through the whole procedure of integrating it into your app and since I am using Cocoapods, this even makes it easier! In total it took about 15 minutes for me to integrate the framework and get it running. I call it Developer Happiness right there. So far, it has sent me notifications about specific lines that is causing the app to crash for some users which is awesome.