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This is a blog where I talk about programming (Web and mobile development),anime, game development. I started this website when I was bored last year and wanted to try something new.

I am currently branching out my skillset since I enjoy learning about new frameworks and technologies.  My main focus is now on web development and I am only updating my mobile apps since I don’t feel inclined to make new apps at the moment as I am swarmed with hobby projects.

Link to My Apps

Websites that I have built : Anikawaii, Visualnoveler

Mobile development: Swift, Objective-C,C#

Game Dev: Unity

Web development: Ruby , Ruby on Rails,HTML,CSS,Javascript,jQuery,Postgresql

Server Adminstration: DigitalOcean


My next few learning objectives are to learn Java for Android, PHP to work with WordPress and possibly Meteor. I might look into making use of Ember.js for the front-end of my next website if I finish doing what I mentioned above.


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