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Spring Anime

Mayoiga and Koutetsujou no Kabeneri seems really awesome this season and off the charts in terms of my expectations. Mayoiga would be more of the mystery type while Koutesujou would be more similar to the Ajin type.


There’s a bunch of ridiculous things that happen in this anime and the MC is pretty generic but I like how the mystery and suspense is playing out in the show. It keeps you wanting back for more. Maybe this will be quite similar to Another since there’s thirty characters and I doubt most of them would survive in this show anyway?


Fabric is Awesome!

I was looking through my iOS app analytics one day and I noticed that there was a staggering amount of crash reports for Awwnime. The bad thing was that somehow my crash symbols weren’t compiled before sending it to the App Store. So when I hopped over to Xcode, the method names were obscure and I couldn’t do any real debugging!

Most of the users who sent the crash reports didn’t provide any steps to replicate the crash and I wasn’t able to replicate that crash issue unfortun (more…)